Southside Flagstaff, AZ

A Local’s Guide to a Historic Neighborhood Turned Artisan Haven

Allison McCulloch

Pick up a hand butchered filet mignon for dinner, try a vinyasa yoga class, or enjoy a craft brew with friends in this local neighborhood. What was once three by three blocks of run-down shops with foreclosure signs in their windows is now a hub for new businesses who cater to life-long residents and Northern Arizona University students alike through a sustainable focus and local-friendly practices. Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona has been separated historically into North and South by the Santa Fe railroad tracks and the historic Route 66 highway, but recent developments are fusing the two together, creating boundless economic and social benefits.

southside flg map

“South San Francisco [street] has been revitalized with lots of rad local businesses,” said local Kevin Kirkley, whose passion for snowboarding brought him to the area. He mentioned Proper Meats and Co as one of the most successful new additions. Serving as a neighborhood butcher shop and casual eatery, it is the first outlet in Arizona to provide exclusively farm-raised meats from the state. They also offer local cheeses, breads, house-made soups, sandwiches, and light entrees. Try their Warm Allepo Pepper Pastrami sandwich for a common favorite with a southwest flare.

Top Sirloins - grass-fed, local, and $11 bucks for both!

Top Sirloins – grass-fed, local, and $11 bucks for both!

A commitment to farm-fresh ingredients has been of high importance to local Flagstaff business owners for years, but the movement is finally spreading beyond the Amtrak station, and heading south towards campus. Ewas Thai Restaurant moved onto San Francisco Street in July, renovating an old strip joint into a cozy establishment serving up delicious curry, pad thai, and a variety of soups prepared by authentic chefs from Thailand. They also offer mouthwatering gluten free options like their papaya salad: A Thai specialty with green papaya, carrot, green beans, peanut, fresh Thai chili and lime juice ($8.95). Flagstaff local, Lindsey Anstead described Ewa’s as an “unknown jewel.”

Papaya Salad-Yumm

Papaya Salad-Yumm

Looking for take out? Stop by the Tourist Home Urban Market. A former boarding house for migrant sheepherders, the once decrepit building is now part restaurant and part storefront. They serve up fresh meals daily that are kept simple with usually no more than 5 ingredients. Offering a variety of delicious deli salads, sandwiches, soups, baked pastries, and hand butchered meats, the Tourist Home is a perfect place to stop in on your way home from work to pick up dinner.

tourist home

Night owl? Primos Hot Dogs is the all-time pre-hangover spot to hit up around 2:00am. Packed with locals, this joint offers specials like the “chili and lime slaw dog.” They have a beautiful seating area (the sidewalk out front) where you can dig your face into a hot dog and slur out, “THIS IS SAHHH GOOD” and no one will judge you for it. They also offer vegetarian and vegan fare that is equally as delicious as the real thing.


Speaking of hangovers, the South Side has several places to indulge in specialty cocktails or a locally crafted ale, stout, or lager. The Beaver Street Brewery has defined itself as the Southside’s premier places to stop in for a drink. Belly up to the bar and order a Big Rapid Red, the locals favorite with hints of caramel and a hoppy kick. Their most recent addition is a billiard hall with daily happy hour specials and 5 full size pool tables.

Beer Flight @ Beaver Street. Only 75 cents a pop!

Beer Flight @ Beaver Street. Only 75 cents a pop!

In addition to the spread of delectable local cuisine and lively bar scene, South Side of Flagstaff offers cheap lodging arrangements in the form of two family-run hostels that offer hotel comparable lodging on a budget. Hit up the Du Beau Hostel for a “deluxe” private room complete with double bed, cable television, desk, mini fridge, and immaculately kept bathroom (rates from $58). If you have done any research on a place to rest your head, you know that this is the cheapest around!  If you’re looking for a more community-based experience, try their sister hostel around the corner. The Grand Canyon Hostel offers dormitory-style rooms starting at $23 dollars a night for a twin bunk bed, complimentary breakfast, free wifi, laundry, showers, and a cozy place to stay in the center of this thriving neighborhood.

motel dubeau motel dubeau 2

After a good nights sleep, head over to Macy’s European Coffee House around the corner and pick up a beautifully crafted cup of strong brew. Voted best coffee house for the past three years, Macy’s is the local watering hole, providing an extensive menu of specialty coffee drinks ranging from a perfectly concocted cappuccino to a cafe viennese – a latte with cinnamon, clove, and allspice-whipped cream ($3.50 for a Medium). There is also a 25 cent discount for bringing in your own mug. Incentive to protect your pocketbook and the environment at the same time.

Macy's Special

Macy’s Special

With some European espresso running through your veins, it’s time for some activity. Located within the same 3 block radius is the Northern Arizona Yoga center. With an array of Yoga classes from basic flow, to vinyasa, to “full body maintenance”, this studio offers personalized treatment in a supportive environment.


The reinvestment in South Side Flagstaff has created a conducive environment for sustainable practices, excellent food, and overall wellness. The sense of community here is apparent. Whether its a conversation you over-hear about when the next farmers market is going down, or the “buy local” stickers plastered on every street sign, you know that the residents living here are all on the same page. The people are happy, business is thriving, and the potential for growth is exponential. This section of Flagstaff is only a small segment of what Northern Arizona has to offer and needless to say it is worth exploring.

Downtown Flagstaff

Downtown Flagstaff

San Francisco Peaks

San Francisco Peaks

November New New

If your too lazy too sort through all of the (shit) rap music out there.. check out this playlist for some tracks that I personally like. If you wanna download any of these songs check out With this site, just enter the URL of the video you want to download and voila! Downloads directly to your computer. Open with itunes and it will show up in your library.

Lost Angeles

It’s 2:30am and I’m sitting in a slick black town car heading up into the hollywood hills. My surroundings are foreign but feel familiar. I have seen this road before in a dozen movies and imagined myself as one of an elite group of young people in Los Angeles who were invited to a private after party. We come to a stop at the top of the hill at a house with a matte black mercedes parked out front. A slim black figure is waiting for us outside. He is wearing a blazer with no shirt underneath, a slew of gold chains, and the most ornate loafers I have ever seen-black snakeskin with bold gold accents. He kisses my friend Jess on each cheek and greets the rest of us in a high pitched drawl. “Hayyyyy ladies” he says. “Come on in.”

A giant man is standing outside the front door regulating the validity of the guests who have just arrived. We keep our heads low. He ushers us in quickly with a slight grunt. The foyer of this immaculate house is adorned with an illuminated swimming pool. As we enter the house we notice the plush carpet, stark white walls, and rectangular marble tables. We all take in the views of the city of Los Angeles through the giant glass windows that made up the entire front of the house and I giggle to myself in excitement. Our arrival is acknowledged with a few blank stares. Everyone thinking to themselves, “look what the cat dragged in.”

 I choose a spot next to a semi-friendly looking girl in a pencil skirt and four inch heels. I give her a head nod as I sit down, waiting to see what my next move should be. “Ummm, do you have a cigarette?” She asks in a hollow french accent. “Nope, sorry I just ran out” I mutter as I think to myself how unprepared we were to attend such an affair. I look to the plastic bottle of vodka we have concealed in my purse out of embarrassment. In the kitchen there is a frosty bottle of Belvedere the size of a small human sitting on the counter. The french girl and I have a shallow conversation about how my friends and I are staying the night in LA and then heading to Big Bear the following day for a snowboard competition. “IS THAT LIIIIKE IN SAN DIEGO OR SOMETHING?” I immediately feel dumber after talking to her. I think she lost interest after I said I didn’t have a cigarette. We head back inside.

My friend and I sit together at a glass table in the living room to avoid immersing ourselves into the small conglomerate of self absorbed assholes in the kitchen. We chuckle at each other as we watch a clearly inebriated girl attempt to take a photo of herself “enjoying” the party. She bumps into the stove in the midst of her photo and turns the burner on with the little ass that she does still have after being turned down by 10 modeling agencies because she was “too fat.” Suddenly an angry looking 20-something comes out of his bedroom with his pants unbuttoned. He immediately turns towards the blazing burner and twists it off in a snarl. In a bleary state he directs his attention to two blonde girls who look like they’ve only eaten adderall and cucumber slices for the last two weeks. He grabs them both by the waist and heads back into his dark room. My friend and I watch the same girl fall into the stove again. It lights up in flames.


Long Time No See

It’s been quite some time since my last post. I haven’t felt inspired to write on this site lately but I’m ready to get back at it! I just recently started a new “travel and adventure” writing class and it has made me realize that I have plenty of experiences I can put in to words, I just need to take the time to sit down and do it. So, coming soon to a website near you are stories about my summer travels to Africa, Arizona, and Portland. Also, since I’ve been back in Tahoe my life has taken some serious turns and I think that writing about them will be cathartic. As always, the Tahoe scene is something to write about and my last semester of college is shaping up to be quite interesting.

Stay Tuned

dope girl

Refreshing Summer Drank

It’s time to switch up your drinking regimen! Its so easy to get caught ordering a beer (calories ew) or your favorite vodka cran without even thinking about it. Luckily, I have a bartender friend who influenced me to try something different. She developed this drink from scratch and it actually got put on the menu which is a big deal when you work for the infamous quartet of high grossing restaurants in Tahoe including Caliente, Garwoods, Bar of America, and Riva Grill.

drink 1

So, start with a shot of your favorite Vodka. Personally I like Kettle One.

drink 2

Next, add a handful of mint and muddle it in the bottom of your glass. You can use a wooden spoon or anything with a blunt end to do this if you don’t have a muddler.

drink 3

Next, 1 ounce pomegranite juice. You can substitute this with any other fruit juice of your choice if you want.

drink 4

Add iced tea, sweetened or unsweetened.

drink 6

Shake! Garnish with lemon, and enjoy! Mmmm


The Tahoe Dating Debacle

Ski towns are nefarious for having some of the most F’d up dating scenes out there. Tahoe is no exception.  I constantly hear people complaining about the 10:1 guy to girl ratio in this town and about how “its not your girl its your turn.” WRONG. I know soo many smart, attractive, grounded, rad girls up here that its impossible to say there are few options.

The REAL problem is a town full of wanna-be adults (including myself) trying to create something worthwhile in such a transient place/time in our lives. No one goes on dates. Conversations are shallow and are usually comprised of a few sentences about the lack of snow this year and how many spliffs we all smoked that day (YAWNNN). Probably 75% of the guys I know are looking for a  sugar mamma to pay for their late night corn dogs and/or cab rides home. I also know plenty of people that would rather commit to a beach party 2 years from now than to another person.

Social circles here are small.. everyone knows everyone’s shit. When you break up in this town it is likely you’ll know the person hooking up with your ex and you have to be cool with it because no one likes a bitter person. In four years I have learned that the best dating solution in a place like Tahoe is to stay single forever and get cats. TRUU

New Fav Products

 With summertime approaching, it is about that time to get skin, hair, nails, and body looking their best. Growing up as a tomboy, I always struggled with finding my girly side. It wasn’t until I started college that i really started taking good care of myself. Here are some of my favorite products I use regularly to keep me feelin’ fresh!

1. Coconut Oil 

This stuff is amazing! It has health benefits you would never think of and you can use it for a multitude of ailments. I personally use it as a natural moisturizer and deep condition my hair with it twice a week. Check out this article 101 Uses for Coconut Oil for more ideas!

coco oil

2. Everything EOS

This brand gets 5 stars in my book. I absolutely love how the chapstick comes in colorful balls. I used to ALWAYS lose my lip balm no matter how many I would buy. Now I keep one of these handy little things in my car, gym bag, bathroom, bedside, etc. They smell great and work wonders! Also, I just recently purchased the shave cream which is amazz. I like that its non-foaming and feels more like a moisturizer than a gel.


3. Texturizing Products

With naturally curly hair, I struggle finding ways to leave my hair natural without looking like a cave woman. I like all of the “not your mothers” products because I think the name is clever and they are drug store cheap! This combination of sea salt spray and texturizing cream leave my thin hair looking voluminous and beachy all day.

beach babe

Dumping in Spring!

After a week on the beach, I was ready to come home and continue spending my days lathered in tanning oil with a beer in my hand. It has been such a shitty season here in Tahoe that I was honestly ready for it to be over. Instead it started snowing…HARD. In the last couple of days we have received a total of 2-3 feet on the east side of the basin, and 4-6 feet on the west side. Check out the link below for detailed updates on the weather conditions in the Tahoe Area. )

Also, here is a report of storm totals for all of the resorts in the area.

Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 22″ 
72 HR: 35″
40″ – 92″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 20″ 
72 HR: 53″
90″ – 90″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 17″ 
72 HR: 37″
74″ – 86″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 16″ 
72 HR: 32″
48″ – 94″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 16″ 
72 HR: 38″
31″ – 98″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 12″ 
72 HR: 28″
57″ – 98″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 8″ 
72 HR: 18″
54″ – 70″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 7″ 
72 HR: 20″
20″ – 72″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 5″ 
72 HR: 13″
28″ – 32″ 
Full Report
Last Updated: 4/ 1
  24 HR: 4″ 
72 HR: 12″
25″ – 42″ 
Full Report

Broke? (Me too) MEALS UNDER $10

welcome tahome

Resort towns are notorious for over-priced everything. Food, clothes, mechanics, beer… look no further! Truckee is no different. We locals have to stick together. We have the inside knowledge to find where the beer flows like wine and you can get a meal for under $10.

IMG_0216Tacos Jaliscos: With a reputation that presides itself, I would pay any price for the home-cooked taste of mexican cuisine provided. But on those days leading up to pay day, when I search under the seats of my car for loose change… Their hand-crafted tacos hit the spot for only $1.75 each. Warm corn tortilla filled with your choice of meat, fresh radish, cilantro and tomatoes served with a slice of lime.

 Best Pies: In the mood for pizza? Best Pies has a large array of pizza pies to choose from and that includes something for those on a tight budget too. They offer…

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