Broke? (Me too) MEALS UNDER $10

welcome tahome

Resort towns are notorious for over-priced everything. Food, clothes, mechanics, beer… look no further! Truckee is no different. We locals have to stick together. We have the inside knowledge to find where the beer flows like wine and you can get a meal for under $10.

IMG_0216Tacos Jaliscos: With a reputation that presides itself, I would pay any price for the home-cooked taste of mexican cuisine provided. But on those days leading up to pay day, when I search under the seats of my car for loose change… Their hand-crafted tacos hit the spot for only $1.75 each. Warm corn tortilla filled with your choice of meat, fresh radish, cilantro and tomatoes served with a slice of lime.

 Best Pies: In the mood for pizza? Best Pies has a large array of pizza pies to choose from and that includes something for those on a tight budget too. They offer…

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