New Fav Products

 With summertime approaching, it is about that time to get skin, hair, nails, and body looking their best. Growing up as a tomboy, I always struggled with finding my girly side. It wasn’t until I started college that i really started taking good care of myself. Here are some of my favorite products I use regularly to keep me feelin’ fresh!

1. Coconut Oil 

This stuff is amazing! It has health benefits you would never think of and you can use it for a multitude of ailments. I personally use it as a natural moisturizer and deep condition my hair with it twice a week. Check out this article 101 Uses for Coconut Oil for more ideas!

coco oil

2. Everything EOS

This brand gets 5 stars in my book. I absolutely love how the chapstick comes in colorful balls. I used to ALWAYS lose my lip balm no matter how many I would buy. Now I keep one of these handy little things in my car, gym bag, bathroom, bedside, etc. They smell great and work wonders! Also, I just recently purchased the shave cream which is amazz. I like that its non-foaming and feels more like a moisturizer than a gel.


3. Texturizing Products

With naturally curly hair, I struggle finding ways to leave my hair natural without looking like a cave woman. I like all of the “not your mothers” products because I think the name is clever and they are drug store cheap! This combination of sea salt spray and texturizing cream leave my thin hair looking voluminous and beachy all day.

beach babe

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