The Tahoe Dating Debacle

Ski towns are nefarious for having some of the most F’d up dating scenes out there. Tahoe is no exception.  I constantly hear people complaining about the 10:1 guy to girl ratio in this town and about how “its not your girl its your turn.” WRONG. I know soo many smart, attractive, grounded, rad girls up here that its impossible to say there are few options.

The REAL problem is a town full of wanna-be adults (including myself) trying to create something worthwhile in such a transient place/time in our lives. No one goes on dates. Conversations are shallow and are usually comprised of a few sentences about the lack of snow this year and how many spliffs we all smoked that day (YAWNNN). Probably 75% of the guys I know are looking for a  sugar mamma to pay for their late night corn dogs and/or cab rides home. I also know plenty of people that would rather commit to a beach party 2 years from now than to another person.

Social circles here are small.. everyone knows everyone’s shit. When you break up in this town it is likely you’ll know the person hooking up with your ex and you have to be cool with it because no one likes a bitter person. In four years I have learned that the best dating solution in a place like Tahoe is to stay single forever and get cats. TRUU

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