Llumination: The Beginning

My grandmother was an absolutely beautiful woman. She had flowing blonde hair, luminous blue eyes, and was always adorned in ornate gems and jewelry. As a child, my cousins and I would spend days at her house in Pinewood, Arizona. She had a dress-up box, an infinite amount of toys, a croquet set, and the most pristine grassy backyard a kid could ask to roll around on. In addition to these obvious amenities she had to offer a 6 year old, my grandmother (Alexa) was one of the most insightful and influential people in my life.

At a young age I remember her introducing me to the mysterious world of Tarot. I was fascinated by the illustrations and the ambiguity of the card meanings. Now, If you are anything like my father and you are reading this you’re probably thinking something along the lines of.. “sounds like some hocus pocus bullshit to me.” And as I got older I tended to side with him on the matter as well. I didn’t know the right questions to ask or how to interpret the complex symbolism of the cards. 

I was re-introduced to Tarot just recently (thanks to my brother who sent me a beautiful deck), and I feel as though I am about to embark on a  new spiritual journey. However, it is not going to be an easy path. Tarot cards serve as a facilitator for enlightenment but also force you to analyze your life and sometimes delve into some of the darker parts of the human psyche.

Having never been a religious person, this quest for a sense of spirituality is something I am truly excited about.

tarot deck star

The Healthy Struggle is Real

It’s amazing what the human body can do — once you start taking care of it. I know how to be healthy.. what to eat, how to exercise, not to smoke etc. But of course sometimes it doesn’t come that easy. Tahoe is bountiful with activities to do so it seems as though maintaining a healthy lifestyle here would be a piece of cake.. HA! You have the option of going out basically every night and it can be difficult to resist that temptation. One night of heavy drinking and bumming smokes can leave your body in shreds. Thus.. In the last two weeks I have been making an effort to really try and work out and eat right.  My results have been enough to motivate me to keep going. In such a small time I feel stronger, have more definition, and even clearer skin. Headed to Vegas this weekend, and Mexico the following week so I have to keep this body and mind in check!

On a side note.. I am always searching for my new favorite drink and I just discovered heaven on earth!


Zola Coconut Water with Espresso

At only 75 calories per serving ( 2 per can) and full of essential electrolytes like potassium, this coconut water is like no other. Gives you a nice little caffeine buzz too!


I decided to create this blog as a part of my web design class. It will be a culmination of photos, music, fashion, beauty, interesting web finds and much more. My goal is to post at least once a week and constantly stimulate my mind and yours with new content. Hopefully it will also contribute to my sense of adventure and force me to get out into the world so I can write about it. Enjoy!