Refreshing Summer Drank

It’s time to switch up your drinking regimen! Its so easy to get caught ordering a beer (calories ew) or your favorite vodka cran without even thinking about it. Luckily, I have a bartender friend who influenced me to try something different. She developed this drink from scratch and it actually got put on the menu which is a big deal when you work for the infamous quartet of high grossing restaurants in Tahoe including Caliente, Garwoods, Bar of America, and Riva Grill.

drink 1

So, start with a shot of your favorite Vodka. Personally I like Kettle One.

drink 2

Next, add a handful of mint and muddle it in the bottom of your glass. You can use a wooden spoon or anything with a blunt end to do this if you don’t have a muddler.

drink 3

Next, 1 ounce pomegranite juice. You can substitute this with any other fruit juice of your choice if you want.

drink 4

Add iced tea, sweetened or unsweetened.

drink 6

Shake! Garnish with lemon, and enjoy! Mmmm